Workshop – Uranium Mineralogy: New Minerals, Structure Complexity, Thermochemistry, and Applications 80 Years into the Atomic Age

Uranium mineralogy is as old as the discovery of the element uranium. The societal importance of uranium minerals dramatically increased with the dawn of the atomic age, with 2018 marking the 80th anniversary of the discovery of fission in 1938. The thirst for uranium continues, as it is the fuel of more than 400 nuclear power plants in the world, with 70 new reactors currently under construction. Uranium remains an environmental contaminant at may sites worldwide associated with the fuel cycle.

Uranium mineralogy has been the focus of many studies over the past 20 years that have provided many insights into their structures, compositions, occurrences, and properties. The accelerated pace of research continues today, with many reports of new uranium minerals and structures, measurement of thermodynamic properties, and studies of important inorganic synthetic compounds. This session will focus on current studies of new uranium minerals, the structural complexity across the entire family of uranium minerals, measurements of thermodynamic parameters, and application of these studies.


Workshop convenor

Peter Burns (United States)