Workshop – Conservation of Mineral Collections

Hosted by Museum Victoria, this two-day hands-on workshop will cover both theory and practice of caring for and preserving mineral collections. Topics covered will include:

  • Pyrite oxidation: deterioration process, temperature and relative humidity factors, treatments, preservation strategies
  • Soluble salts and hydrates: deterioration processes (efflorescence, deliquescence, hydrolysis, decomposition), temperature and relative humidity dependencies, preservation strategies
  • Photosensitive minerals: deterioration processes, damage rates, precautions
  • Pollutant interactions: sulfur dioxide and reduced sulfur gases, mercury, organic acidic gas vapors, damage processes, and preservation strategies
  • Physical damage and it’s prevention
  • Special cases including vivianite, volatile species, etc.

This workshop will be of value to mineralogy curators, researchers, collection managers, registrars and conservators.


Workshop convenor

Robert Waller (Canada)