Taku Tsuchiya


2000 Doctor of Science, Osaka Univ
2005 Associate Professor for Theoretical Mineral Physics, Ehime Univ
2009 Professor for Theoretical Mineral Physics, Ehime Univ.

Session: Theoretical and Computational Mineral Physics

Knowledge of crystallographic, chemical and physical properties of minerals is required to expand our understanding of the structural and dynamical properties of Earth and planets. In the past decade, this has been largely progressed based not only on experimental studies but also on theoretical and computational studies within the applications of various techniques, which range from first-principles to empirical, from static calculations to molecular dynamics, from atomistic to multi-scale models, etc. This session will bring together latest contributions related to the computational studies of a wide range of relevant properties including but not limited to structure, phase equilibria, thermodynamics, elasticity, diffusion, conductivity, viscosity, etc. The scope covers studies of crystalline and amorphous materials of broad compositional ranges of mineralogically relevance. We hope that through presentations and discussion, future research directions to breakthrough in mineralogy will be defined more clearly.