Professor Juraj Majzlan


Juraj Majzlan studied mineralogy at the Comenius University in Bratislava and completed his Diploma thesis on orogenic Sb-Au deposits in 1996. After short research work on ore deposits in Bratislava, Budapest, and Copenhagen, he started his PhD at the University of California at Davis, dealing with thermodynamics of iron and aluminum oxides, completed in 2002. As a Hess postdoctoral fellow, he investigated acid mine waters at the Princeton University, using spectroscopic techniques. The next position in Freiburg (Germany) allowed him to continue in thermodynamics, spectroscopy, and crystallography of acid mine drainage, but also to return to field work. Since 2009, he is a full professor at the University in Jena (Germany), with a focus on environmental mineralogy, thermodynamics of minerals, geobiology, and ore deposits. He is the secretary of European Mineralogical Union and member of editorial boards of Mineralogical Magazine and Chemie der Erde – Geochemistry. Apart from publishing scientific papers, he translated two textbooks into Slovak and holds talks for pupils in the state of Thuringia.

Why are you are so excited about participating in IMA 2018?
Minerals and rocks hide many secrets. Going to the field, walking through the cities and riding train across the country, I always ask what can be learned and understood if the right questions are asked. I am excited to attend the IMA conference to see the progress, to find out about the new questions and the new possibilities. Secrets mean surprises and I hope that there will be surprises at the conference.