Joel Brugger

Joël Brugger obtained his PhD at the University of Basel, Switzerland in 1996, for his work on the geochemistry and mineralogy of metamorphosed syn-genetic exhalative Mn deposits. In 2002 he joined the South Australian Museum and the University of Adelaide, and established the Minerals, Microbes & Solutions research group, dedicated to using state-of-the-art experimental techniques to study the transport and deposition of metals and mineral-microbe-fluid interaction in geological environments. In January 2014, Joël took up a new chair in Synchrotron Geosciences at Monash University. Joël has a strong interest in the application of physical sciences (including Synchrotron sciences) to Earth Sciences, and in using Nature as an inspiration for developing new geoengineering solutions, in particular in mineral processing. He also conducts active research in descriptive mineralogy, and in uranium and REE geochemistry.

Why are you excited about participating in IMA2018?
IMA is always an enjoyable conference, bringing together scientists with very different backgrounds but united by their passion for minerals. How do they form, how do microbes use them, what to they teach us about the history of our planet and solar system, how can we make money out of them?

Session: D.C. Bear McPhail Memorial Symposium – a celebration of Bear’s legacy as a scientist and mentor

Prof. Bear McPhail left us suddenly on March 12, 2017. This session celebrates Bear’s extensive scientific contribution to the broader field of geochemistry (experimental geochemistry; regolith; groundwater; and so many others). We in particular welcome contributions by students and colleagues celebrating Bear’s legacy as a mentor and inspiration. Vale Bear.