Session – Structure and Properties of Silicate Glasses and Melts: From Laboratory to Volcanic Activities

Information concerning the structure and properties of silicate glasses and melts is indispensable for quantitative descriptions of glass making and also magmatic processes and modelling the differentiation processes of “magma oceans” in the early Earth. This session is intended to bring together the latest research reports on the structure and physical/thermodynamic properties of silicate glasses and melts. The topics may include, but are not restricted to:

– – i) spectroscopic studies of the structures of silicate glasses and melts using techniques such as NMR, IR, Raman and EXAFS;
– – ii) experimental measurements of physical properties, such as viscosity, density, diffusivity, and elemental partitioning;
– -iii) computational studies such as molecular dynamics simulations and ab initio calculations.

This session is supported by CPM of IMA.


Session convenor

Dr Daniel Neuville (France)

University Pierre and Marie Curie



  • Cormier Laurent (France), University Pierre and Marie Curie