Session – Stimulating Perovskites

Natural perovskites form under a wide variety of geological conditions and show a wide range of compositions and microstructures reflecting the conditions the material has been exposed to during its geological history.  The response of perovskites to external (pressure or temperature) or internal (chemical substitution, oxidation) stimuli including structural phase transformations is of considerable interest and is associated with the unique physical properties displayed by examples such as NaNbO3 (lueshite). This symposium seeks to bring together mineralogists, chemists, physicists and crystallographers interested in the evolution of perovskite-structured materials, both natural and synthetic, to discuss recent advances in understanding the significance structural distortions in perovskites that occur as a consequence of tilting and distortion of the BX6 octahedra; ordering of the A- and B-site cations or the presence of A-, B- or X site vacancies.


Session convenor

Professor Brendan Kennedy (Australia)

University of Sydney