Session – Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface

The chemical reactions that occur at the mineral-fluid interface is vitally important to a number of scientific and engineering disciplines focused on both natural as well as man-made systems.  The various disciplines bring different approaches, methodologies, and insights although communication across disciplines is often limited despite common interest.  This session seeks to bring together geologists, mineralogists, material scientists, surface chemists, and engineers to share recent advances in their respective fields.  These could include investigations of temperature, pressure, ion, and pH effects on dissolution and precipitation phenomena, surface hydration and adsorption, system thermodynamics, and phase transformation as it pertains to rock diagenesis, chemical compaction, concrete curing and degradation, and microstructural evolution.  The session will facilitate collaboration and awareness between researchers studying related processes in what may, on the surface, appear to be unaligned systems.


Session convenor

Dr Will Gates (Australia)

Deakin University



  • Dr Wren Greene (Australia), Deakin University