Session – Radionuclide-Microbe-Mineral Interactions

This session will explore interactions between radionuclides and microbe-mineral systems across a range of environments, including (but not limited to): uranium mine tailings; geological radioactive waste storage sites; radionuclide contaminated soils, sediments or groundwaters; and natural deposits or concentrations of radioactive elements.  Of particular interest will be microbe-mineral factors or processes that affect the speciation and mobility of radionuclides, low temperature controls on radionuclide isotope fractionation, biological and mineral influences on the redox state and redox transformations of radionuclides in the environment, radionuclide interactions with organic matter, and the (ultra)structure of radionuclide-bearing low-temperature and/or biogenic minerals.  We invite submissions exploring any of the above or related topics within the environmental context of the radionuclide life cycle.


Session convenor

Dr John Moreau (Australia)

University of Melbourne



  • Matthew Watts
  • Jon Lloyd
  • Sam Shaw