Session – Minerals and Mineral Museums

The mineral collections and their archives held in museums, large and small, across the World can provide a wealth of actual and potential material for researchers and academics studying mineralogy, petrology, meteoritics and historical mineralogy. We are seeking presentations (oral and poster) covering the topics such as historical mineralogy, museum-based mineralogical research, conservation of museum collections, museum databases and other related topics to provide a forum for museum based mineralogists and museum curators to exchange ideas and to offer fertile ground for discussing and exploring potential future cross-institutional and cross-discipline research projects.


Session convenor

Federico Pezzotta

Federico Pezzotta graduated in geological sciences at the University of Milan and he got a doctorate degree in isotope geochemistry in 1992. Since 1998 he is Mineralogy senior curator at the Natural History Museum of Milan, Italy. Since 2013 he is the Chairman of the IMA-Museum Commission. Beside receiving several awards, Federico was honored in 2003 with the name of the new mineral and new gemstone pezzottaite, from Madagascar. Major research and Museum activities include:

  • Petrogenesis of gem-bearing pegmatites;
  • Tourmaline-supergroup, boron minerals and rare-elements minerals of pegmatitic origin;
  • Mineralogy and gemology of Madagascar;
  • Mineralogy and historic aspects of mineral collecting of Elba Island (Italy);
  • Museology;
  • History of Italian mineralogical classic localities;
  • Mineral specimens preparation, techniques and application.