Session – Mineralogy Past, Present and Future: Preparing for the Next 100 Years of the Mineralogical Society of America

MSA will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. IMA2018 is an appropriate venue to look at mineralogy historically and prospectively.  Mineralogy continues to be a fundamental science for understanding the solar system, our planet, and how life interacts with minerals.  Moreover, as minerals are fundamental materials required by our technologically rich society, enhanced study of them as resources and templates for technology will continue to be important. The future of mineralogy will be integrated into solutions of global scale challenges. This session provides an opportunity to synthesize the history, practice, and future of mineralogy broadly defined, including education, resource issues, challenges, frontiers, as a hobby, its greater role in and for society, and the role of mineralogical societies in supporting and enhancing Mineralogy.


Session convenor

Dr George Harlow (United States)

American Museum of Natural History, New York



  • Dr Barbara L. Dutrow (United States), Louisiana State University
  • Dr Peter J. Heaney (United States), Penn State University