Session – Geosciences and Cultural Heritage

A wide range of natural (minerals, rocks) and artificial (clay-based ceramics, high-T ceramics, glass, plaster and binders, alloys) materials were used and/or produced by prehistoric or historic human societies. Their study in terms of mineralogical and chemical composition, production technology and raw materials provenance offers keys to understand tangible and intangible aspects of past societies. The physical-chemical-mineralogical characterization and behavior of these materials at different scales and under defined environmental conditions provide the basis for diagnostics, technical art history, archaeological interpretation, and conservation. Finally, the developments in dating of the artifacts as well as in the understanding of the human – environment interactions will complete this session. Mineralogists, petrologists, archaeometrists, chemists, physicists, archaeologists, conservators and all scientists involved with cultural heritage materials are invited to present their achievements.

Session convenor

Professor Dr Corina Ionescu (Romania)
Babeș-Bolyai University

Graduated as geologist at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
PhD in geology
Former head of the Mineralogy Chair at the same university.
Presently, retired university professor.
Former vice-president of European Mineralogical Union
Main research domains: ophiolites, ancient ceramics



  • Professor Dr Gilberto Artioli