Session – Functional Silicates and Aluminosilicates: Clays, Zeolites and Other Minerals

These sessions focus on the modification, functionalisation and reactivity of silicate and aluminosilicate minerals that provide value-added properties for a wide range of economic and environmental uses. Clays and other fine-grained minerals have been beneficial to mankind for millennia and today, remain a key part of many established and new industries.

Functionalisation of surfaces, intercalation with reactive moieties or exchange of ions within a framework are key features of their use in a wide range of industries including healthcare, environmental remediation, resources, chemicals, buildings and construction. Encapsulation, catalysis, adsorption/desorption and ion exchange are common reaction pathways for these minerals and will guide session format during the week. Contributions on the transformation of silicate and aluminosilicate minerals via application of temperature, pressure, other parameters or their combination, particularly to form new phases with enhanced properties, are also welcome.


Session convenor

Professor Ian Mackinnon (Australia)

Queensland University of Technology