Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys Open Day

Date: Sunday 12 August 2018
Time: 1100-1515 hours
Cost: FREE
Location: Crystal World & Prehistoric Journeys
Address: 13 Olive Rd, Devon Meadows, 3977, Victoria, Australia

A coach for 34 – 48 people will be provided for those who register their interest on a first in, best dressed basis. Otherwise visitors can make their own way to Crystal World & Prehistoric Journeys located at, 13 Olive Rd, Devon Meadows, 3977, Victoria, Australia.

The return journey will take visitors back to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre via Collectors Corner at Garden World which also hosts an array of fossils and minerals.

Contact us to register your interest by calling: + 61 3 5998 2493.

Why Visit Crystal World?
Crystal World is one of the Australia’s largest suppliers of gems, crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, carvings and unique specimens. Our Museum specializes in rare geological specimens from around the world. Although we retain some of our collection, much of it is for sale to clients ranging from small collectors to Museums and Merchants.

Director Tom Kapitany travels the globe extensively to collect rare and ancient specimens. Having studied Geology and Botany at the University of Melbourne, Tom now manages his time between endeavours at Crystal World, consulting internationally with Museums and Universities, as well as being the Managing Director for National Dinosaur Museum, Canberra.

Our high-quality stock is handpicked from around the world and across Australia, and we operate more than 40 active mining leases in remote locations across the country. These leases mean we have unparalleled access to rare Australian mineral specimens and fossils, all of which are prepared in our dedicated lapidary and fossil preparatory facilities.

Fossils, deep-time geology and palaeontology are a special area of interest for us at Crystal World and we pride ourselves on having the largest collection of fossils for sale in the Southern Hemisphere. Our Museum hosts a range of Stromatolites including some of the oldest known in Australia from the Dresser Formation – 3.49 Ga as well as a range of Nautiloids, Ammonites, Trilobites, Starfish, Crinoids, Fish, Shells, Dinosaur bones and talons, Amber with inclusions of insects and scorpions, as well as a range of petrified and opalized woods.

We host a range of rough rock and pre-prepared museum quality rare mineral specimens. Including Australian Mookaite, Jack Hills Zircons (4.4Ga), Banded Iron Formation, Opals, Gypsum, Vivianite, Tourmaline, Dravite, Garnet, Jasper, Rose Quarts, Amethyst, Meteorites, Beryl, and Quartz specimens.

The open day will provide visitors a unique opportunity to tour the Crystal World Museum, as well as our dedicated fossil preparatory and lapidary facilities. The return journey will make a short stop at Collectors Corner in Garden World where additional specimens are on display. Accompanying the tour will be a complimentary BBQ lunch on the day from 1pm.