07We are grateful for the contribution of our committee members. Their support, guidance, and dedication make possible the continuous evolution of the Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association.


Dr Stuart J. Mills, Museum Victoria


Stuart completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2007. He went on to a postdoctoral research and teaching fellowship at the University of British Columbia, and then was a Research Scientist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, before joining Museum Victoria as Senior Curator in 2011.

Stuart specialises in the study of secondary minerals and how they form, using a variety of methods including X-ray diffraction, synthesis and chemical/isotopic techniques. He works on minerals from deposits in Victoria (including the famous Lake Boga quarry in northern Victoria) and the rest of Australia, as well as from international occurrences (especially Cap Garonne, France and Otto Mountain, California).

Stuart also enjoys the challenges involved in describing new minerals. To date, he has participated in describing 54 of these. In 2012, Stuart became a Chartered Scientist through The Science Council (UK).

Stuart has been the Secretary of the Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC) of the International Mineralogical Association, and also an Associate Editor with Mineralogical Magazine, both since 2008, a Consulting Editor with Rocks & Minerals since 2012, and Scientific advisor for Le Cahier des Micromonteurs since 2013.


Dr Andrew G. Christy, Queensland Museum/University of Queensland


Andrew Christy grew up in southeast England. This was a great place for fossil-collecting but poor in mineral species, which led to his early fascination with the latter as more exotic and exciting! He completed his BA(Hons) in Geological Sciences at Cambridge in 1984, and his PhD at the same university in 1988. In the PhD project, he combined X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, electron microprobe, optical petrography of rocks and high pressure/temperature synthesis of mineral analogues to study polytypism in sapphirine, its relationship to compositional variations and the metamorphic history of the host rocks.

He has since worked on aqueous geochemistry, high-pressure crystallography using diamond-anvil cells and synchrotron X-rays, short-range order and disorder in crystal structures, biominerals and lab-grown “biomorphs”, a new magnetic nanofoam allotrope of carbon, phase equilibria in ultrahigh pressure rocks, calculation of rock physical properties using 3-D X-ray microtomography, characterization of new mineral species, and numerous other projects.

He moved to Australia in 1994, and held several positions in different schools of the Australian National University, Canberra, before moving to Brisbane in 2016. Amongst other offices, he has been an Associate Editor of ‘Mineralogical Magazine’ since 1998 and of ‘European Journal of Mineralogy’ since 2014, Australian National Representative on the Commission for New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification of the IMA since 2007, and the IMA representative to the Geological Society of Australia since 2012.


Ms Sue Fletcher, Geological Society of Australia


Sue is the Executive Director, Geological Society of Australia, Public Officer for the National Rock Garden and Director of the Geological Society of Australia Endowment Fund. Sue has a history of working with membership organisations in the Earth Sciences, Financial Services and non-profit sector.


Dr Bill Birch, Museum Victoria

Committee member

Dr Bill Birch has been Senior Curator in geology (mineralogy and petrology) at Museum Victoria since 1974. He has wide interests in the geological features and mineral occurrences of Victoria, and has spent a lot of time visiting the volcanoes of the western district plains, often with international visitors. He has published over 200 papers and articles on his research interests, and has been actively involved in professional geological and mineralogical organisations in Australia and overseas. His contributions to the Earth Sciences have been recognised through the awarding of the Selwyn Medal in 1999 and an Order of Australia in 2006.


Professor Joël Brugger, Monash University

Committee member

Joël Brugger obtained his PhD at the University of Basel, Switzerland in 1996, for his work on the geochemistry and mineralogy of metamorphosed syn-genetic exhalative Mn deposits. In 2002 he joined the South Australian Museum and the University of Adelaide, and established the Minerals, Microbes & Solutions research group, dedicated to using state-of-the-art experimental techniques to study the transport and deposition of metals and mineral-microbe-fluid interaction in geological environments. Joël has a strong interest in the application of physical sciences to Earth Sciences. He also conducts active research in descriptive mineralogy, and in uranium and REE geochemistry.


Mr Dermot Henry, Museum Victoria

Committee member

Dermot Henry has worked at Museum Victoria since 1982 in a variety of roles within the Geosciences collections. Since 2001 Dermot has been Manager of Natural Science collections. This role is responsible for coordinating the collection management functions across the Natural Science collections. Dermot has published on a variety of mineralogical, petrological and meteoritical topics and has edited and contributed to four books on Victorian mineralogy. Since 1995 he has been the editor of the Australian Journal of Mineralogy.


Emeritus Professor Pete A. Williams, University of Western Sydney

Committee member

Pete Williams is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Western Sydney. His principal research interests concern the geochemistry and chemical mineralogy of the supergene environment, the structure and properties of optically active coordination compounds and the nature of non-classical weak bonding in complex molecules. He is currently the Chairman of the International Mineralogical Association’s Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification, and Joint Principal Editor of the Mineralogical Magazine.